BUCHAREST NIGHT CLUB BURNT TO THE GROUND On January 21, 2017, a famous nightclub in Bucharest, Romania was destroyed by fire. More than 30 people needed medical assistance. There were hundreds inside. Many of them had to jump into a lake nearby to escape fire. Bamboo Club, a famous nightclub in Bucharest no longer exists.
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Concert at Constitution Square Bucharest

BUCHAREST EVENTS TICKETS TO CONCERTS AND EVENTS IN BUCHAREST By: Bucharest Travel Photographed In: Bucharest, Romania Date Uploaded:2016-04-16 Description: There are many events, concerts and so on in Bucharest There are many events in Bucharest from spring to winter, including Christmas. So you will always something to do, to see, to visit, to have fun
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ROMANIAN GOVERNMENT BUILDING EXECUTIVE POWER AND GOVERNMENT HOUSE IN BUCHAREST The Romanian Government is the Executive Power in State. The Government put to work solutions for society problems Parliament think should be solved or President considers should be solved. The Government House or Building is the key to power for every political party. This is
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