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TRAVEL TOUR OF THE ROMANIAN CAPITAL WITH BUCHAREST CITY TOUR Bucharest City Tour is a quick tour of the city. There are 14 bus stops in order you to see the most important places in Bucharest. Bucharest City Tour is a tourist bus line only during spring, summer and autumn. BUS FOR BUCHAREST CITY TOUR
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UNIVERSITY OF BUCHAREST HEADQUARTERS A SQUARE FULL OF HISTORY IN BUCHAREST University Square in Bucharest is in the very middle of city and was built more than 150 years ago, on the land where a 16th century monastery St. Sava would rise. Around this monastery a street network appeared for inside it functioned the first
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BUCHAREST VISIT STARTING POINT FOR TOURISTS UNIFICATION OR “UNIRII SQUARE” IN BUCHAREST Unification Square in Bucharest is the center of the Romanian Capital. The OLD CITY is next to it, also the University Square and also the HOUSE OF THE PEOPLE. In time, Unification Square name was June 8 Square, Nation’s Square or March 28 Square
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