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BUCHAREST UNDERGROUND TRANSPORT BUCHAREST TUBE TIBETABLE  The Bucharest Underground rail network or Bucharest Metro, or Bucharest Subway is the perfect way to travel from one destination to another while visiting the city. It is a rapid transit system used by more than 500,000 people every day. The tube is almost 70 km long and has
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WHAT TAXIS TO ASK FOR IN BUCHAREST Taxis in Bucharest are yellow. They can be hailed in the street if their green light on the roof is on but are also to be found in prominent places, like squares. They can also be booked by telephone or via mobile apps. Fares are metered. You should
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BUCHAREST TRANSPORT BY BUSES Buses in Bucharest are a cheap way to travel around the city. Take a look on the map before you leave your hotel for visiting Bucharest. If you have time enough, you can visit almost all Bucharest on foot. Don’t forget about BUCHAREST CITY TOUR 2017!But taking the buses in Bucharest
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